To find out what’s wrong with something, we need to send a service vehicle to your home and perform an inspection and diagnosis, for this reason a free quote won’t cover this. However any fee is deducted from the cost of repairs.

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Phone: 02 9971 6197 SMS:0432 320 643

If you would like to confirm how much it might cost to fix something, feel free to send us some detailed information regarding your issue along with any photos and we will be more than happy to provide a free diagnosis and quote via email ( or sms 0432320643.

- Anytime 7 Days a week


No Fix – No Fee Overview

If you decide not to proceed with a repair - there is no repair charge.

You will only be charged a portion for Callout & Diagnosis.

We make it our business to be honest with our customers, therefore you can be assured that our diagnosis is always correct and our repair fee will be very fair & reasonable.

In the event that you decide not to proceed with a repair or we do not possess the necessary parts or knowledge to fix a problem, and that the item is not beyond economic repair (see below), only a callout & diagnosis portion is charged for that service & you may get a second opinion.

It’s that simple.

What if you, the customer prefers not to proceed?

If a problem has been diagnosed and a solution offered, but you choose not to proceed then it’s only fair for us to charge for our service which you chose to engage which includes the time spent on site up to that point.

- however we do offer a Free Quote only if parts will exceed $100 -

(major components that are not included - eg. locks, motors & parts, pcb's, weather seals etc)

What happens in the event of “can’t find” or “don’t have”?

If we are unable to resolve the problem because you cannot find keys, remotes, user manuals or original invoices for warranty claims

- you will still be charged for the time spent on site up to that point.

Problem caused by a 3rd Party?

If you are having problems with a third party device such as a faulty door bell or similar interference causing device or building structure issue such as a ceiling resting on the roller door - but where we are able to diagnose the fault, you will again be charged for the time spent on site up to that point, regardless of whether another party accepts responsibility for the fault. We will however be happy to recommend & talk to your choosen repairer to demonstrate the problem to them in terms they understand, which will usually result in eventual resolution of the problem.

- Every Installation of new Automatic Motors

Includes our full garage door service & repair (normally $185)

upto 5 years factory backed motor warranty

1 year free in home warranty (extendable for upto 5 years)

Complete - Motor Replacement

or Manual to Automatic Conversions

Roller Door Motors - $585.00inc GST

Sectional / Panel Door Motors - $685inc GST

(See below for installation package)

$185 includes - Callout + Diagnosis + Repairs

We offer a Guaranteed fixed price on all garage door repairs

Includes, new batteries, lubricants, small parts & consumables - plus our No Fix No Charge* policy

(major components not included - eg. locks, motors, pcb's, weather seals etc - if over $100 we offer a FREE QUOTE )



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